The Region

The Weh-Sees Indohoun (WSI) zone includes two sport fishing and hunting sectors: the Weh-Sees Indohoun Sector and the Eastmain Sector. The two sectors total an area of 16,656 km² and include the Category I*. and II*.lands of the Cree Nation of Nemaska, as well as Category III*.Lands.


There are five main access routes crossing the WSI zone:

  • The southern portion of the Route du Nord;
  • The northern portion of the road to Sarcelle workcamp;
  • The portion of the Muskeg–Eastmain-1 road that leads to Muskeg substation;
  • The eastern portion of the road to the Rupert diversion bays;
  • The western portion of the Nemiscau–Eastmain-1 road.




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