Sport Hunting


In addition to moose, hare, grouse and ptarmigan, at least 11 species of waterfowl are found in the region including black duck, common merganser, Canada goose, ring-necked duck and common goldeneye.

Under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement (JBNQA), the beneficiaries of the JBNQA have the exclusive right to trap furbearers and to snare snowshoe hare in the whole territory.

The following species are exclusively reserved to the beneficiaries of the JBNQA: weasel, wolverine, beaver, ermine, wolf, otter, lynx, groundhog, marten, striped skunk, bear, fisher, porcupine, muskrat, fox and mink.


Hunters non-beneficiaries of the JBNQA are subject to the laws and regulations in the territory. They must therefore hold a sport hunting license from the Québec government. However, they do not require a right of access to hunt in the Eastmain and Weh-Sees Indohoun sectors. They must comply with the regulations inherent to each sector and species, which are available the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) [Forests, Wildlife and Parks Ministry] Website.

Those interested in hunting on Nemaska or Waskaganish Category I or II lands must obtain authorization from the Cree Nation of Nemaska (819-673-2512) or the Cree Nation of Waskaganish (819-895-8650).


Moose sport hunting is prohibited in the Eastmain sector at all times. However, it is authorized in the Weh-Sees Indohoun sector, subject to some conditions (see Moose - Hunting Season 2016):

  • Hunting bulls and calves is permitted;
  • Bow hunting is permitted only during the firearm hunting;
  • The firearm hunting season in this sector is shorter than in the rest of zone 22.


Caribou sport hunting is prohibited in the Eastmain and Weh-Sees Indohoun sectors, in accordance with the regulations in effect for zone 22 (see Caribou Hunting Seasons).

Small Game and Migratory Birds

Sport hunting for small game and migratory birds is authorized in the Eastmain and the Weh-Sees lndohoun sectors (see Small Game Hunting Seasons and Migratory Birds Hunting Regulations).


For more information, consult MFFP Website: Sport Hunting - Main Rules,  Map of Zone 22 - Hunting, which includes the Weh-Sees Indohoun and Eastmain sectors, Periods, Limits and Printed Version. Consult also the Migratory Birds Hunting Regulations from Environment Canada.